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Teaching Programmes

Teaching Programmes

  • We have a strong emphasis on the 'basics' - reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Our school sets clear learning targets for children and we report progress to parents against these targets.
  • All classrooms have computers with internet access.The school runs software to manage access to the internet and inappropriate web sites.
  • Our school is very well resourced for learning materials.
  • We provide an excellent outdoor education programme.
  • We receive excellent ERO (Education Review Office) reports. (These are available from the school or can be viewed on-line at


  • Our class sizes are small so children get quality teaching time.
  • We have 3 new entrant classes for children starting school for the first time. These have very low numbers.

Special Programmes

  • We have a special unit for intellectually impaired children and support the integration of all children into our school.
  • We offer a wide range of special needs programmes and support for children who need extra help with learning.
  • We provide a dedicated staff member to work with children with special abilities.
  • We provide a safe and caring environment with a full-time teacher / counsellor dedicated to supporting students and parents.

Sporting and Cultural

  • Our school participates in the local Polynesian Festival. Māori language and culture is taught as part of the New Zealand curriculum.
  • We support a number of sporting codes with netball, basketball, soccer, hockey and touch rugby  available for children. Rugby, rugby league and other codes are available through local clubs.
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